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Jan 01, 2016
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Szilárd Matusik – producer, director, editor

Graduated in 2007 as an electrical engineer at the Budapest University of Technology (Main specialization: Robot Informatics (Machine Vision), Secondary specialization: Cable TV Systems). He was a member of the management of the Simonyi Károly College for Advanced Studies and was the head of Budavári Schönherz Studio, which is one of the biggest and oldest tv and radio studio operated by students in Hungary.

He started his career at Hungarian TV productions in 2003, first as a technician, then since 2005 he worked as an Avid editor. In the following years, he worked at such leading Hungarian channels like RTL KLUB, TV2, MTV.

Nowadays he works as supervisor and director of post productions for big TV productions, like the Paradise Hotel reality show on Viasat3 or The Biggest Gameshow of the World 2014 (aka "Intervilles International") on the Hungarian National chanel.

He established Flame Film in 2006 and produced tv shows for many Hungarian tv stations, working as a director and editor. RTL Klub, M1, Viasat3, Story TV, Deko TV, TV Paprika, etc; a few tv stations where certain programmes’ post productions were made completely by Flame Film in the last years. Besides tv shows, Matusik have shot, directed, edited music videos, concert films, tv commercials, documentaries, short films, live tv shows, etc.

Gábor Csépai - script writer, narrator, reporter, MC

Graduated from Vörösmarty Mihály High School, Budapest, with drama specialty. Continued his studies at the communications and history departments of Eszterházy Károly College in Hungary. He entered the world of media at a young age, acted in several commercials, in a kids’ show entitled “Kölyökidő [Kids’ Time]” shown on the Hungarian Television, a TV film entitled “Kockás füzet” shown on Duna Television. Later he turned up on the screen again as a leading character in the TV series “Szeress Most! [Love Me Now]”, and was also seen in a promotion of Viva Television’s “Táncreakció [Dance Reaction]”.

In 2004, he founded his band under the name “Stylaw”. The year 2007 brought nationwide fame for him also in terms of MC performance with an incidental musical track they would not have expected to become the most popular MC parody in the country. Pendulum’s “Terézanya – Csapjad! [Mother Theresa]” remix was a huge success among young people. “Terézanya” had 1 000 000 downloads from YouTube in three months, and has been a hit at parties since.

Gábor’s activity in the media did not end at that point, he worked as a presenter and edit producer in a magazine program on tourism in the Hungarian TV2 (“Tájvadász [ Country hunter]”), worked as a VJ in MTV Hungary, hosted a cultural magazine program, “Pixel”, “Blokk” a HipHop magazine and the “Greatest Hits” music top list. After media activities, he also worked for film production companies: he was on the production staff of such Hollywood blockbusters like Hercules, Spy, Inferno and also participated in service activities for Pioneer Eagle Kft on shooting the English costume movie “Kilencedik Sas [The Eagle of the Ninth]”.

From 2010, he performed musical radio editorial work on Class fm radio. Now he carries on with his musical career with his new band called Saverne and works as assistant director and production assistant for TVCs, feature films and TV series at companies like Film Pozitív, Laokoon Film, Pioneer Films and Mid Atlantic Films.

Adrienn Óré – edit producer, assistant of director, assistant of production

Graduated in 2008 at Eötvös Loránd University at Faculty of Nursery and Elementary School Teachers Training and Cultural Management and Communication Studies (mass media) Course. She became edit producer at Flame Film in 2007. She worked in the online media for one year. Since 2009 she works in TV shows for the leading Hungarian TV channels like TV2, RTL Klub, M1, Viasat3 mostly as edit producer. She worked in shows like Hal a tortán (Gastro-reality), Megasztár 5 (Hungarian Pop Idol), Divatkreátor (Fashion show), Arany Part (Jersey Show remake), Maradj Talpon (Still Standing quiz show), Konyhafőnök Junior (MasterChef Junior remake), etc. She was line producer of the Paradise Hotel 2015 reality show shot in Costa Rica and was the casting director of The Biggest Gameshow of the World 2014 (aka "Intervilles International").

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  Moleman 1
The Truth Lies Down Under
Moleman 1

You are standing on a busy street of a buzzing city surrounded by stunning graffitis and weird figures on the walls, free-runners on the rooftops and strange music.

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  Moleman 2
Demoscene: The Art of the Algorithms
Moleman 2

You are standing in a big dark hall surrounded by dozens of flickering screens. Hundreds of people are cheering and weird visuals and sounds are coming from everywhere.

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  Moleman 3
Journey to the Surface
Moleman 1

You are standing in a crowd in front of a stage, where a beatboxer, a dj, a saxophonist, a drummer and many other musicians are playing at the same time. They never have had a rehearsal, just have started to play something with no sheet music.

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  Moleman 4
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It is the year 2546. Corporations rule the world, and an agent is on a secret mission to explore the untold stories of the past. His journey leads him into a secret virtual reality where one corporation has recreated the 1980s, an era that witnessed the birth of video game development, an event in which a politically and economically restricted small European country, Hungary, had a significant role. He discovers a strange but exciting world, where computers were smuggled through the Iron Curtain and serious engineers started developing games. This small country was still under Soviet pressure when a group of people managed to set up one of the first game development studios in the world, and western computer stores started clearing room on their shelves for Hungarian products. These developers really didn’t know what was impossible, because they created games including amazing technical feats that even engineers at Commodore thought their machines weren't capable of. Hungarians even started developing Nintendo games without an official development kit, while the rest of the world didn’t understand how they had managed to do that. According to Mark Cale, head of System 3, without the help of a Hungarian development team, even the most successful C64 game of the era, the Last Ninja, could not have happened. In the 90’s, Sega named a Hungarian studio the “World’s largest independent games firm”. But by then there were small groups of garage developers as well, one of which managed to be highlighted in international magazines.

Follow the agent into this exciting world and discover the untold story of Hungarian game development behind the Iron Curtain.

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