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Help Wanted! (gfx artists attention!)

We will start an Indiegogo project for an exclusive DVD and Blu-Ray release of Moleman 2 – Demoscene (with several extras on 3 DVDs and one Blu-Ray disc)
We need a graphic artist (or more) who can help us creating demo-like graphic menus for the disks. We need different styled, partly-animated menu systems like 8bit, 2D, 3D, your style, etc. (2 menu systems in 4:3 PAL/NTSC and 1 menu system in 1080p25 16:9) (System means more pages of one menu with a similar design.)

We can offer free copies of the DVD digipak (if we reach our goal with the fundraising) with other Moleman related perks and a BIG thank you for the help!

If you are interested in creating animated graphics for the menus, please let us know here.

ASCII artist wanted for info-file art at the same place :)

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