Moleman 2 review by TheB movieavenger

“MOLEMAN 2:DEMOSCENE:THE ART OF ALGORITHMS is a wonderful documentary that introduces us to what can only be described as an entirely different world.”

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Review of Moleman 2 – Demoscene on Film Threat

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“Even if I didn’t know the demoscene existed prior to seeing this film, I’m glad it does.”



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Moleman 2 – Demoscene screening at the MIT!

Moleman 2 – Demoscene: The Art of the Algorithms will be screened at MIT, Cambridge, MA (US) on 1st May 2013.

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Hebrew subtitles for Moleman 2 – Demoscene are coming

Hebrew subtitles for Moleman 2 – Demoscene are coming. Thanks to Tomer Gabel.
And don’t forget, your chance to get a copy of the digipak ends on 5th May. Check out our campaign:

Moleman 2 - Demoscene hebrew subs

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Be a co-producer of the Moleman 2 Digipak release

Be a co-producer of the Moleman 2 – Demoscene Digipak release and get an IMDb credit!

We started the indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to try to produce an exclusive 4 disk DVD & Blu-Ray release of the demoscene documentary. Not just because we don’t have money to finance such a production, but because we think the best things are born when a community makes it a reality. So the success of the campaign depends on you! Not just because you can contribute to the project, but you can help spread the word, as well, and let people know about the campaign and about the demoscene. Because information is the most important thing. We and all the contributors will be really sad if the campaign fails just because the people don’t know about it. (Of course contributors will be refunded, but it doesn’t change the fact, that they won’t get the perks they claimed.)

We really appreciate your help with spreading the word about the campaign. Therefore we will reward the people who bring new contributors to the campaign. By promoting the digipak’s crowdfunding campaign, you can earn 1 virtual ”Moleman Dollar” for each $20 a friend of yours contributes through your personal referral. The three individuals who have raised the most money in their referrals by the close of the Indiegogo campaign (5th May 2013) will also get a “Co-Producer” credit printed on the cover of the digipak and a “Crowdfunding Producer” credit on IMDb! The one individual who has raised the most money in their referrals will also get the ”Commercial video pack” or ”Commercial data pack” perk depending on their choice.

You can spend your “Moleman Dollars” to get or upgrade to any perk of the Digipak campaign of equivalent monetary value.  (Only if this fundraising effort is successful.)

If you have already been referring people, your referrals will count to your total. Closing date is the final day of the Indiegogo campaign for the Digipak on 5th May.

Please note that Moleman Dollars cannot be exchanged for cash.

It’s really easy to be part of the Moleman community and start earning Moleman Dollars:

Moleman 2 Digipak

1. Go to the Moleman 2 – Digipak Indiegogo page and login (if you don’t have an account then you will need to register first)

2. After logging in, scroll to below the video and select one of the sharing options (check the picture above) which will have your unique referral code (marked in the photo above) so your referrals can be tracked. It’s important to share that exact link containing your unique code to be able to tracked by the website. Sharing without your code won’t increase your referrals.

3. Get referring and spread the word, share the link on your blog, website, forum, etc. You can track your personal referrals in your Indiegogo profile page under the ”My Impact” tab.

Spreading the word on social sites works better in a creative way. Change up the suggested “help make it happen” wording and use your own words to motivate your friends to click.

Something like this on Twitter:

Music. Art. Program code. Help @Moleman_Film make their exclusive #DVD & #Blu-Ray release: #crowdfunding

Use # to highlight keywords.

So, start sharing, be part of the Moleman community and let’s make this digipak a reality!

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Moleman 2 – Demoscene on Canal+

The tv show l’Oeil de Links made a short video about the film.

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