Moleman 3 on Youtube!

Moleman 3 – Journey to the Surface is now available on Youtube. Watch it, share it 😉

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Moleman 3 at Mediawave 2015

vakondok3_01Moleman 3 – Journey to the Surface is in competition at the online film festival of Mediawave. Please support the film with your vote if you liked it:

Click here to watch the film and vote.

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Moleman 3 won Best Editing Award

aof_dij_vakondok3_cropMoleman 3 won Best Editing Award in the documentary category at the Action on Film International Film Festival (CA, US) and was Runner Up in the Best Documentary category.

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Action on Film nominations

Action on Film promo DVD Moleman 3Moleman 3 is nominated for the Best Documentary, Best Editing (Documentary) and Best Foreign Film awards by the Action on Film International Film Festival. Screening on Aug. 28th in Los Angeles, Award Show on Aug. 30th.

Tickets here.

The promo-DVDs for the event are ready 😉


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Moleman 3 in Los Angeles

AOF 2014 Official Selection LaurelsMoleman 3 – Journey to the Surface was selected by the Action On Film International Film Festival, thus the international premiere of the film will be in Los Angeles in August.



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Moleman 2 review by TheB movieavenger

“MOLEMAN 2:DEMOSCENE:THE ART OF ALGORITHMS is a wonderful documentary that introduces us to what can only be described as an entirely different world.”

Check out the review!


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